Saturday, 31 March 2012

Indonesia to ban Miniskirt

I read recently that Indonesia's politicians are proposing the Miniskirt be banned in their country due to it encouraging men to rape women. This is, of course, completely outrageous; men should be controlling themselves rather than women being dictated as to what they wear. The Miniskirt is without a doubt, empowering for women to wear, it connotates innocence, fun and cute girlyness and whatever their age, sometimes a woman needs to feel like this! They come in all shapes and forms so that every girl can have a mini they love; mine is a dark blue velvet flared skirt I bought two years ago, what's yours?

Top: American Apparel 's Miniskirts
Middle: Left: Urban Outfitters Leather and Denim Minis Right: Zara pleated Miniskirt
Bottom: Mary Quant, The creator of the Mini

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