Monday, 5 March 2012

To Leopard Print or to not Leopard Print?

Bought these beauties last week. Never been 100% certain about leopard print because of it's tacky roots and over-use; it also always reminds me of Janice from Friends (Chandlers girlfriend). Saying this, print is looking unavoidable this up coming season and thought this would be a quick way to incorporate it into my current wardrobe without making too many adjustments (there will, undoubtedly be a splurge in ridiculous amounts of prints at some point though so keep an eye out) and what better way to do so with a sophisticated slipper rather than a floppy ballet pump. Here, I would like to announce how much I love New Looks shoes, yes they're a little cheap and not the best of quality but when like myself you get easily bored of shoes and want a quick fix at a low cost, there is literally nowhere better. 


  1. Hi grace thanks for commenting on my blog!
    I have read your article really like it!

  2. absolutely fabulous...i think it is a great choice!!!
    thank you for following dear...your blog is really lovely...we will keep in touch!!

    a kiss from the

  3. Amazing shoes!!! Like it!
    If you want, check out my blog

  4. I'm in love with these shoes!! They are stunning. Following you now :)


  5. love, love love them!!! perfect shoes! :) want to get them too.
    much love, xx