Monday, 13 February 2012

Jazz Age



Flapper's back and I love it. This time it's slightly more wearable though; there is no way the hightstreet would miss this for the world! I'm thinking Topshop and New Look, and preying that they design their own take in a simplified skirt version so that I can wear it with an old baggy knit during the day. Things have changed since the twenties (have they really?!); day and nightwear have merged into one so rather than waiting until the masquerade ball to wear our flapper dresses, this time round, we can wear them all day. And this is what I love about current fashion; there are no rules and we can wear what we want from any generation, from any shop. Hence, the return of fashions and trends are never the same - they may sound the same (FLAPPER), and be inspired my the same people (Zelda Fitzgerald); they may have dropped waists and plenty of fringing but they feel completely different. For me, this is why I love this trend; it's not about sequins and glitter and ridiculous glamour (although obviously this does contribute) but it's the way our designers can take beautiful garments from ninety years ago and make them applicable and just as satisfying to wear today. 

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